InSights Training, LLC.


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InSights offers a variety of gun and combat classes for civilians and private organizations. Choose from self defense classes, gun training, close combat training, firearms training, security guard training, survival training, and more.


Private Sector Training


InSights Training Center offers the most complete self defense, firearms, and tactical combat training available to civilians and private organizations. Our course catalog includes specialized training in combat, handgun, tactics, gun maintenance, gun training, and wilderness survival. Sign up for a class to find out why students and professionals from all over the world come to train with InSights Training Center.

The Firearms Academy of Seattle, Inc.


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At The Firearms Academy of Seattle, Inc. we believe safety begins with the individual. A career law enforcement officer, Director Marty Hayes knows that the police can't protect you. YOU alone must be able to protect yourself if you expect to survive an assault on your life or the lives of your loved ones.


A training environment that enables the student to maximize his or her training hours is of great importance. Real world dangers present themselves in a 360-degree panorama -- not only the down-range orientation of the common firing range training venue. At F.A.S. we move the student into less-static training drills as early in the curriculum as it is safe and productive to do so.


In 1994 F.A.S. purchased land halfway between Portland, OR and Seattle, WA, creating the FAS Tactical Training Range, to combine efficiency and realistic challenges for the very best training possible. It is specifically designed to accommodate training for the 360-degree world, with a dark-house for low light training during daylight hours, building mock-ups, reaction targets and more. Our classes are all taught at our tactical training range located 1 1/2 hours north of Portland, OR or 2 hours south of Seattle, WA. This is where all of the classes listed on this website are taught.