Northern Virginia Tactical


Winchester, VA



Northern Virginia Tactical is recognized as one of the leading professional firearms and tactical training organizations in Northern Virginia.  Formed in 2006 by a small group of dedicated and hard working individuals who had a shared vision of bringing both NRA Level and professional field-operations level training to the public. This vision has delivered a new style of affordable efficient training to hundreds of people.  Since 2006 over 500 students have graduated from NVT courses, and most importantly more than 30% have returned after their initial course to spend additional time with the staff in ongoing development.  We believe at NVT that learning doesn't stop after you receive your certificate; but that we teach you how to learn and develop the skills necessary to possibly save a life someday.


To follow through with that vision we have recruited an elite and experienced staff gathered from several disciplines within the tactical training world. Each bring a different but complementary view to personal safety and tactical training, and combined make a broad experience base for your training needs. All share the common goal to provide the public as well as LE/Military personnel with the best training available with the student's development being the number one priority. Our principles for developing skills, transferring knowledge, and ensuring student comprehension are tried and tested and put in use everyday.  Each instructor believes that they can make an impact in your personal safety, and it's that passion which drives us to be the best.


So, whether you are new to firearms and are just looking to get the best training available for your Concealed Weapons Permit, or are a seasoned professional looking to maintain your life preservation skills we welcome you to join us.  One of our Instructional Staff would be eager to answer any questions you may have about the courses we offer; or any of the products we offer.

FPF Training, LLC


Culpeper, VA



My mission is to provide firearms training focused on the skills that provide the best chance for success in a self defense situation. No Hollywood style gunplay. No “trademark pending” techniques or secret systems. Just what has worked for ordinary people that found themselves in extraordinary circumstances.


Shooting accurately is a relatively easy-to-acquire mechanical skill. Shooting is only a subset skill of self-defense. Shooting skills must be acquired and rehearsed within the context of the realities of armed self-defense.


My courses emphasize the skills the average citizens need to prevail in a criminal encounter.


Methods of Concealed Carry

Presentation (Drawstroke)




Patterns of Violence and Criminal Behavior

Legal Considerations