Vermont Tactical International


Franklin County VT




In today’s uncertain world, demand for firearms training is growing. Bad things can happen to good people,we can meet your training needs with handgun, shotgun, carbine. Training offered for responsible citizens, Law enforcement, Concealed carry permit, Private Investigator, Protective Services, Military, armored car personnel.




Courses offered at Vermont Tactical International are some of the most informative, educational and exciting classes ever offered. Whether you are a responsible citizen or an armed professional the training you receive will open your eyes to some of the best techniques for self-defense with a firearm. Our unique objective based training will insure you meet your training goals. You will learn from trained professionals the best methods to manipulate your firearm under stress. You will participate in class session's covering the legal aspects of using deadly force in self-defense. We will cover topics on the psychological and physiological effects on the shooter.


Vermont Tactical offers a safe place to learn the basics and to develop advanced tactical/defensive skills.

Each course is designed to improve your skill, ability, knowledge and attitude. Courses are available for the first time shooter to the experienced professional. Class sizes are intentionally kept small to afford each student individual attention to insure the proper skills are being acquired.