When it comes to firearms training in East Tennessee, no one even comes close to the expertise offered by TAC2 - Tactical Advantage Concepts 2000. TAC2 is a firearms / personal protection training facility dedicated to providing the most advanced training techniques and world-class instructors from across the nation.


While our primary emphasis is on effective application of firearms for personal protection, TAC2 is much more than a shooting school. Violent encounters are very dynamic and in your face situations, where you may not have the opportunity or the need to draw your firearm as an initial response. Good empty hand skills are vital to extracting yourself from the jaws of the lion, in order to survive long enough to utilize your tools. With this understanding, we also encourage and offer training in non-firearm fighting skills.


While physical skills are extremely important, we firmly believe that mental conditioning is the most important factor determining the outcome of any crisis; therefore; we strive to instill the proper "MINDSET" in our clients. That being the mindset of a true warrior. The mindset that gives us the confidence to know that, no matter what situation we run into; "We are going home at the end of the day!"

Personal Responsibility, Inc.


Dickson, TN 37056

 Phone: 615.854.0478




Personal Responsibility, Inc. (PRI) is a private training facility with headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. PRI offers a wide range of basic, intermediate and advanced firearms and tactical training. Inexperienced shooters typically enroll in PRI's Handgun I course. Our advanced classes are attended by qualified men and women from a variety of backgrounds and professions.  Safety rules are scrupulously observed by PRI's instructors and range assistants, who encourage each student to build marksmanship and weapons handling skills, and to take personal responsibility for his or her own safety and for the safety of family and friends.


PRI's 75-yard handgun range and its 600-yard rifle range are located in Hickman County, Tennessee, less than an hour's drive west of Nashville. Students travel west on Interstate 40 to Exit 152 and then turn left onto Highway 230. Detailed directions are sent to each student well in advance of class. Food and lodging are available at Exit 152, as well as at Exits 143 and 172. Call or e-mail us for additional information.


PRI is home to the Unpredictor, a state-of-the-art steel target training system.