Pandion Tactical LLC.


Greenville, SC



We have the ability to pool resources from Military Law Enforcement, Security Contracting, and Civilian Law Enforcement, creating a one-of-a-kind professional experience.


Our courses included a no frills practical application of tactics, mindset, and manipulation. Our training begins at a level where we expect you to be familiar with your weapon system. You are not required to have prior professional training for our Kinetic Courses, but you are expected to be able to keep up with the curriculum. As long as you are safe and come with an open mind, you are welcome to sign-up.


 We do not preach our methods as the be-all end-all, but we will hone your skills and make you more effective in your primary field of focus. We will give you some tips along the way, point you in the right direction, and allow you to exercise what we have gone over in practical group competitions.


Kinetic Training - Practical Application


Stress on the Mind and Body - The Defensive Mindset

Sight Alignment/Sight Picture

Trigger Control

Trigger Reset and Follow Through

Physics Behind Stance and Grip

Shot Placement - Combat Efficiency

Speed and Administrative Reloads


Practical Application of Shooting Positions

Dynamics of Movement

Introduction to Shooting On The Move

Individual and Team Competitions




Able Tactical


Beaufort, SC



The Able Approach


At Able Tactical we don’t seek to reinvent the wheel, we simply make it roll better. We take the time-proven basics of marksmanship, self defense, and unarmed confrontation and we translate them into understandable lesson plans and practical applications. We eliminate the complex gimmickry and utlize a common sense approach to focus on retention of training. Able Tac students will gain new experiences both in the classroom and on the range. Our training curriculum is delivered in a clear, concise manner ensuring that our clients derive the maximum amount of relevant information and genuine skill sets. We might even have some fun along the way. Regardless of your current skill level, after attending an ABLE TAC course you will be much more ABLE than when you arrived.


Able Tactical and our seasoned, experienced and devoted cadre of Instructors promise to deliver quality instruction and inspire you where others leave you wanting more. Don’t get caught in the crossfire……..Get Able!