Rockwell Tactical


Central PA


We are a tactical training company based in central Pennsylvania. Our curriculum is designed for civilian, law enforcement, and private-sector groups and individuals. Our experienced instructors have served in the U.S. Army Special Forces and other elite units and bring principle-based training for students ranging from beginner to expert. All of our courses are based on proven principles and practices, not flavor-of-the-week trends or some video game. These courses are built on the "Warrior Mindset" and cover everything from the most basic of firearms handling to advanced close quarters marksmanship and tactical medicine. This "Warrior Mindset" philosophy is at the core of everything we do and train about: Your firearm is just a tool, your mind is the real weapon.


Rockwell Tactical's students come from all walks of life. Regardless of your age, gender or occupation, if you have a desire to improve your knowledge and skill in the use of firearms then our courses are for you! Once you have the mindset, tactics and skills for how to react in a violent confrontation, you will not only prevail over your assailant, but your fear and panic as well.

Tuscarora Tactical Training


Central PA



Tuscarora Tactical Training’s objective is to offer the most complete and efficient firearm, survival, and emergency preparation training available. Our team of instructors and consultants aim to provide you with a training experience you will never forget!


Our outdoor facility is located in Central Pennsylvania, on Tuscarora Mountain. It is approximately half way between Harrisburg and State College. The facility is less than a two hour drive from Greater Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley.


Custom tailored and private classes available. We cater to all skill levels including the “curious” and those desiring to become confident and proficient to protect their family.


Tuscarora Tactical Training offers the following services:


• Firearms Training:

We offer real–world, no nonsense firearms training that will benefit civilians, military, and law enforcement personnel. Regardless of your experience level, whether a novice shooter or a seasoned operator, if you are seeking cutting edge firearms training, you will find it here!

Our team of instructors have very diverse backgrounds. This diversity allows us to custom tailor classes to meet the requirements of individual students.