Badlands Tactical


Grandfield, OK





BadLands Vision Statement:


To provide the highest quality, most realistic firearm, tactics and doctrine training available, and to do so  in a safe but challenging environment.

To be the forefront of economical , quality training because we recognize that our students deserve the best.

To offer real-world experience in order for our students to learn.

To ensure that the instructors and staff at Badlands give their best every time, every day.

To maintain a family environment and relationship with our students.  Past, present and future, and to offer a safe home for those students in which to learn and grow.


Badlands Mission Statement:


To take our vision and apply it in every course we teach and to every student who trusts us to help them further their professionalism.  It is our vision to promote the “Quiet Professional” in all of our students.  To us, this means we want our students and alumni to continue to grow and foster their own “Professionalism” by calling Badlands and it’s faculties and resources home.


Badlands wants all of their students and alumni to continually aspire to a level of “Unconscious Competence” in their chosen endeavors and allow us to help them with that challenge by promoting a doctrine of “Brilliance in the Basics”.


But the most important mission Badlands aspires to is to help the “Quiet Professional” in staying alive and saving lives in today’s turbulent world.  Whether that “Professional” is a soldier, a paid civil servant, or just someone who desires to learn skills to protect themselves or their families.


We intend to complete this mission in the most financially economical manner offered in the Tactical Training Community.

Defensive Shooting Academy of Tulsa


Tulsa, OK



At The Defensive Shooting Academy of Tulsa, you will train with the most professional, knowledgeable, motivated and courteous instructors in the business.  We believe that a human being can alter their life simply by changing their attitude.  We also believe that service is the lifeblood of any organization.  At TDSA we have dedicated ourselves to serving you and the atmosphere that is created by this philosophy is what helps set us apart from every other training organization in this country.


We are not here to feed our own egos, nor do we want to create clones of us.  Our job as “teachers of staying alive” is to help you find the techniques that work best for you.  Everyone has potential…it is an infinite resource that cannot be exhausted, but it can be lost in the clouds of fear and complacency.  A very well respected trainer once told me, “Being a firearms instructor isn’t about being cool or looking good, it’s about decent people staying alive!”  When you train with us you will learn life-saving techniques, develop useful skills and instinctive motor movements, and be treated with the respect that you deserve.