West Union, Ohio

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TACTICAL DEFENSE INSTITUTE is dedicated to providing the finest tactical training available anywhere. We key on three primary areas of personal defense. The first and most important is mindset. Without the willingness to win all else is lost. Second is tactics, whether on the street, in structures or around vehicles. Third is the ability to handle firearms. Our students attain an extremely high degree of proficiency with their firearms.


TACTICAL DEFENSE INSTITUTE has been training civilians, law enforcement personnel, military / federal agencies and corporate security teams in tactical firearms and physical self-defense for over 15 years.


TDI’s is located in West Union, Ohio. All firearms classes are conducted at our Adams County, Ohio facility in the beautiful foothills of Southern Ohio. This rural 186 acre facility provides seven ranges; including a 400 yard rifle range; three live-fire houses, a main range with a covered firing line and a jungle lane. We also have a two story “force on force” house and a large classroom next to the main range. Motels are within 15-20 minutes driving distance.

Mid-Ohio Firearms Training Academy


Columbus, Ohio




The mission of Mid-Ohio Firearms Training Academy (MOFTA) is to provide high quality, professional training to civilians and private security officers in the safe and proper use of all types of firearms.  This is achieved through skilled, fully certified firearms instructors in a friendly and relaxed learning environment emphasizing individual attention and coaching.


MOFTA is Central Ohio’s premier firearms training academy. Conveniently located in Columbus, MOFTA offers Ohio & Utah Concealed Carry classes, Advanced Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun Personal Defense courses, NRA Pistol Instructor classes to teach CCW, NRA Basic Pistol, Rifle, Personal Protection in the Home, and Private Security-OPOTC Training. MOFTA uses a private range in Delaware County.


Mid-Ohio Firearms Training Academy (MOFTA) was founded in 2003 by Dick Wheeler.  Dick and Bob Wheeler were the original instructors when MOFTA began, and both developed the foundation and base line of the current organization.  Dick and Bob have over 40 years of combined law enforcement experience, over 35 years of firearms training experience and over 20 years carrying a concealed handgun as a private citizen.


MOFTA instructors are certified by the National Rifle Association or the Ohio Peace Officers Training Council, some holding both certifications. We have specialists in the areas of semi-auto pistol, revolver, rifle, tactical & precision rifle and tactical shotgun.


We maintain a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment, with at least three instructors presiding over all classroom and range sessions. Our minimum three-instructor policy gives all students the benefit of varying perspectives on issues and questions and allows individual attention to each student.

Ohio Valley Tactical, LLC


Clarington, Ohio




Ohio Valley Tactical has been providing training since 1993 to civilians, Law Enforcement, SWAT, and Special Operations Teams. I have trained US Marshalls, Law Enforcement officers, US and foreign Military in all firearms disciplines, and active shooter training. Originally added as an enhancement to sniper training, the rappelling tower has attracted climbing enthusiasts as well. Our most recent addition, the zip lines, have been very popular and even provide a break from the more serious training.


Ohio Valley Tactical's mission is to provide superior training to law enforcement, military, and the private sector in firearms, weapons manipulation, and tactical skills, and for each and every student who passes through our complex to achieve the highest skill level.


When you come to Ohio Valley Tactical, be prepared to spend a day or more enjoying the highest quality firearms training in Southeastern Ohio, but plan to spend some time having fun as well.


Ohio Valley Tactical prides itself on providing a high quality training facility for all levels of shooters. We have several different range areas for training with different weapon platforms along with different situational conditions. We have a short range for handgun and CQB rifle instruction, a long range for large range rifle training, and a shoot house for entry/home defense training. We utilize various props for the different training programs that we provide. This makes the training realistic to the participant and applicable to the real-life scenario you are training for.