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Chris is honored to be one of six firearms instructors in the United States selected to be Vickers Shooting Method regional instructors. Chris began training with Larry Vickers in 2006 and credits him with providing the necessary skills needed to break several training plateaus Chris had encountered. The Vickers Shooting Method has been a huge influence on Chris and he looks forward to being able to share it with all shooters that are interested in learning safe, effective firearm use.


Defensive Concepts’ mission is to deliver high value instruction in armed and unarmed defensive skills an tactics.. Our staff possesses skill sets developed through years of military and law enforcement service, training with many of the premier instructors in the world, and years of successfully teaching well received courses. We are all NRA Certified Instructors.


Our training capabilities encompass nearly all disciplines of personal defense. We are dedicated to bringing quality, affordable training to all interested parties throughout the United States. We provide instruction in a safe, fun, and focused manner. Our course offerings are engineered to provide you with the skills and tactics necessary to protect yourself and loved ones in the most effective manner possible

Frontline Defense Firearms Training


Warrenton NC


Our goal at Frontline Defense Firearms Training Center and Range is to provide you with a one-stop shop for your firearms education, training and equipment needs. A Veteran-owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and the best prices in the industry.




Now you have your conceal carry permit, what’s next? Learn the difference between point/precision shooting techniques and when to apply these skills based on the situation. Learn self defense in the home and on the street.




Having completed the Level 1 class qualifies you for the Level 2 class. Do you know how to draw and shoot from a vehicle? Do you know where the proper place on a vehicle to protect your body from incoming threats?