Shockwave Defense


Albuquerque, NM 87102



Group & Private Firearms Training

Firearms training is critical to using your gun safely and effectively. Our courses include, but are not limited to:


New Mexico concealed carry license classes

Handgun training

Women’s firearms training

Law enforcement firearms training

Tactical weapons training


Our instructors are committed to helping you develop cutting-edge defensive firearm skills, ranging from basic firearm safety and handling to defensive shooting  and advanced tactical weapons training. Material covered in our courses includes:


Shooting fundamentals and safe handling of weapons

Weapons retention and disarmament techniques

Fighting to your weapon (hand-to-weapon transitioning)

Verbal command presence and stages of escalation

Basic clearing, entry and exit techniques


Shockwave Defense is an academy of professional firearms instructors led by renowned self-defense instructor Michael Johnson. Michael has studied self-defense for more than 28 years and provides comprehensive self-defense strategies, including hand-to-hand combat training, women’s self-defense classes and specialty self-defense solutions.

Practical Tactical Training


Las Cruces, NM


A welcoming environment. We strive to welcome all students to the course, regardless of background. Even if you are a first-time shooter, I will work with you and be patient. You will not be ridiculed or made to feel stupid in this course and I do not tolerate students abusing other students for any reason.


A class made for you. You aren’t going into the military or law enforcement, so I won’t treat you like a cadet. Instead, I focus on helping you better defend yourself and those you love. While some of the skills you learn will come from the law enforcement and military worlds, they have all been adapted to fit the unique needs of civilian shooters.


No politics. Self-defense is not a right-wing or left-wing issue. We think everybody should take an active interest in their personal safety, regardless of political or social background. While I have to cover some controversial issues in the course, we do not let any brand of politics dominate discussion. In the course, we stay focused on things that matter to people who are serious about keeping themselves and their loved ones safe and don’t waste time on anything else!


Better Instructor, Better Course


Many instructors get their basic marksmanship instruction certifications in one weekend without any background in use of force or other required and essential topics.


Our course is packed with knowledge that comes from a wide variety of disciplines, including emergency management, homeland security, and police/fire/EMS training. I am also constantly revising course materials and methods to ensure that the course is always at its best.

Tactical Solutions, Inc.



Aztec, NM


Tactical Solutions Institute offers concealed carry and three levels of defensive handgun training in the sunny Four Corners. We are located halfway between historic Durango, Colorado and Farmington, New Mexico (Aztec, New Mexico).


We offer small classes with plenty of personalized instruction. Firearms weapons training includes concealed carry classes, defensive handgun, rifle, shotgun, home firearms safety, and NRA instructor training.


Train at our new facilities including classroom, moving targets, mechanical targets and a shoot house all at a private range free from the normal distractions.


Individual and small group sessions available upon request.