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Black Dog Tactical Shooting offers a variety of professional services including individual and group firearms training in Marksmanship, Concealed Carry, Weapons Handling, Tactical Maneuver Scenarios and Self Defense as well as equipment selection and use. We view our clients as friends so we offer versatility with the ability to customize educational training programs that best suit your individual needs and abilities. We will structure a firearms training package for any goals you are looking to achieve.


Black Dog Tactical Shooting was founded to provide quality education promoting responsible firearms ownership, management and marksmanship, and to give people an opportunity to empower themselves, and take charge of their lives.  Our NRA Certified Instructors are patient, thorough and professional educators. You are a person with us, not a number.

Dedicated to equipment and idea development, Black Dog Tactical Shooting brings a fundamental basics approach to offer simple user friendly information to bring a dynamic conclusion to any scenario.


We believe in the responsible ownership and use of firearms (the right to carry) as part of our rights as Americans under the second amendment in the Bill of Rights. Whether you have a firearm for hunting, carry a handgun for personal protection, keep a shotgun to protect your family or simply enjoy the pleasures of marksmanship, we want to provide training and informational services to suit your goals. Browse our site or give us a call no matter where you're located in the Pacific Northwest. Black Dog Tactical is the preferred self defense and firearms training professional in Missoula, Kalispell, Butte and all surrounding areas.

Highlands Tactical Training Group


Plains, MT 59859

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Our "Bread and Butter" has been teaching civilians Instinctive, self defense handgun courses that work for the average person. Our class size is small because we want to provide personal attention for all of our students no matter what level of shooting competency they are at.


We love training women and women's groups. In fact in an average year we train as many women as we do men. We believe that women are empowered when they know how to use a handgun, rifle or shotgun, and are confident in their ability to do so.


We offer four and eight hour basic handgun classes for women's groups, men's groups or mixed groups. We keep our prices affordable and promise that you will have fun training with us and leave our class confident in your ability to handle a handgun.