Tactical Training Solutions


Twin Cities MN




Tactical Training Solutions is committed to providing progressive, professional and relevant training in armed and unarmed defense. The training we provide has been vetted by US military, law enforcement and civilians nation wide. Our instructors have taught the USMC Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor Program, various law enforcement agencies and at the collegiate level.


We hold our instructors to the highest standards and pride ourselves on being professional educators. We provide the premier firearms training in the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota area. We offer classes that cater to every experience level, whether you are a first time shooter or an experienced LE/Military professional, we offer training that will better your ability to defend yourself.


PPC1 is a tactical pistol class designed to teach and reinforce the fundamentals of defensive shooting, focusing on laying the groundwork for fast accurate shooting in a life or death situations.


Skills Covered:


Safety & Mindset

Pistolcraft Fundamentals (grip, stance, recoil management, speed & accuracy)

Weapons Manipulation (reloading, malfunctions, combat draw stroke)

CQB Shooting Techniques (retention shooting, shooting from cover, moving & shooting)

 Concealed Carry Fundamentals (drawing from concealment, single hand weapon manipulation)