Tactical Dynamics Firearms Training, LLC


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We have several live fire training classes available to help you improve your skills. If you need carbine, handgun, or shotgun training, we can suit your needs! Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced classes available.


Our training program is like no other when force-on-force decision making skills are honed using the Simunition® marking cartridge system. Our Simunition® classes offer some of the most realistic training available on the market.


The person standing still in a gunfight is usually the first to get hit. Our Defensive Handgun II course will provide you the foundation of movement and utilizing cover, concealment, and unorthodox shooting positions to further hone your skills as a responsible armed citizen. We developed this class to push the failure points of the student and teach the proper techniques surrounding movement in a dynamic environment.  We will put you through the paces and get you moving off of the line of attack!

Topics covered in the class include:

Use of cover/concealment.

Movement off line of attack

Shooting from the supine and prone.

Target discrimination

Intro to CQB for Armed Citizens

Single handed manipulation techniques

And much more..

This is not a beginners course. The day culminates in a combat course designed to test the skills taught in the course as well as add a competitive element. We will find your failure point and help you push past that.