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Weaponcraft believes that the security of a nation is predicated on the security of the common citizen and the security of our communities. Weaponcraft provides progressive firearms training programs to responsible armed citizens, law enforcement officers and military professionals; bringing our clients the most tactically and technically proficient training anywhere in the United States.


HG02 Handgun 2

HG02 is designed to build upon the skills learned in our basic class by applying the fundamentals of marksmanship and manipulation in a more dynamic setting. The focus will shift from the basic firearm skills and emphasize more weapons manipulation under varying amounts of stress. Students will leave HG02 with an above-average understanding of how to not only operate their pistol but also how to make the most advantage of its capabilities.


Firearm Rules/Life Safety Brief

Combat Mindset discussion

Gear Selection/Placement

Draw Stroke

Review of Admin, Speed and Tactical Reloads

Review Malfunctions Clearing

Speed vs. Accuracy Drills

Multiple Target Engagement

Barricade Shooting and Alternative Shooting Positions

Shooting On the Move

 R.D. Tactical Handgun Instruction LLC


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R.D. Tactical Handgun Instruction LLC offers a variety of courses taught by professional NRA certified instructors who have a combined knowledge base of over 100 years of firearm use.  R.D. Tactical Handgun Instruction LLC’s mission is to provide students with courses of instruction that will give students the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to handle a firearm safely and effectively.  We train all levels of students, from the weekend target shooter to the person wishing to carry for self defense, and more advanced students looking to improve their tactical skills.


R.D. Tactical Handgun Instruction LLC does not claim to be the best but we do offer an environment that will allow students with all levels of experience to learn in a safe, confident and professional environment. R.D. Tactical Handgun Instruction LLC guarantees that students will walk away with a higher level of accuracy, consistency, preparedness and mindset to be able to handle and use a firearm more safely and effectively.