Advantage Group Training


Robert, LA.



Welcome to the Advantage Group. Based in south Louisiana, we teach full spectrum modern combatives training built on sound fundamentals proven through experience. Our tactical firearm course offerings cover everyone from novice civilian shooters to seasoned military and law enforcement. In addition to our firearms based classes, we also offer training in unarmed self-defense and emergency trauma care.


Unless otherwise noted, our training takes place at an amazing 300+ acre privately owned range located in Robert, LA. Multiple lanes of fire offer a variety of target layouts, with dynamic ranges extending over 200yds as well as a 600yd precision range. The range features large covered bench areas, clean porta potty and electricity on site. There are several places to eat in the immediate vicinity if you choose not to bring your own lunch.


This facility was also the location where Magpul’s Art Of the Dynamic Shotgun was filmed.


Here at AG we strongly believe that no one instructor is capable of providing quality full spectrum training. For that reason we have assembled a diverse team of individuals with diverse backgrounds, allowing us to match the best instructor to each skill set and offer training with no compromise. The core training staff comes from military, law enforcement and special operations backgrounds, but also includes highly experienced civilian instructors in an effort to fine tune course curriculum from all relevant perspectives.

Bearco Training

Covington, LA

(985) 892-4119



As Louisiana’s premier reality-based training center, Bearco Training specializes in providing practical defensive skills for everyday people.

As founder and full-time instructor, Barret Kendrick has dedicated himself and company to provide realistic defensive training to responsible armed citizens, law enforcement, members of our armed forces. Throughout his region and nationally, he works with hundreds of students annually in defensive shooting and force-on-force training, and state certifications. When not on the range, Barret also works as a contributor for the Personal Defense Network.

Barret carries numerous instructor-level certifications for defensive shooting, range operations and safety, LE range/shoothouse operations, and scenario-based force-on-force training.


Bearco Training is excited to announce the release of our Home Defense 360 (or HD360) course. The Home Defense 360 course is designed to educate the student about all aspects of home defense and how to respond efficiently to an intruder when other family members are present throughout the home. This 8-10 hour training course will give you the knowledge to make your home more secure and your family safer to an intruder. We will start on the live-fire range and end the course running scenarios in our non-lethal training ammunition 360° shoot house. Role players are brought in for this course to make scenarios realistic to your life. This course will challenge you mentally and allow you to evaluate yourself on a different level.