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Gardner, KS




We strive to provide the best training experience possible to our students. Our primary goal is offering a safe learning environment and one that is best suited to the needs of the individual and/or class.


Tactical Pistol Course


Prerequisite: None

Class Length: 2 days Approximately 16 hours

Description: The Defensive Pistol Course is for the shooter who has had some basic experience with handguns or the experienced shooter looking for defensive pistol skills. This two-day course will familiarize you with the handgun you are using and under professional instruction give you a working knowledge of defensive pistol skills.


This course was developed for individuals who regularly carry a firearm for self-defense and to overcome the short comings of a basic Concealed Carry Class. The skills and drills taught at this course are not all inclusive, but you will leave this course with a broad base of knowledge of defensive pistol tactics and techniques.

Defensive Marksmanship

Pistol Safety

Mechanics of the Draw

Loading and Unloading

Tactical and Emergency Reloads

Malfunction Drills

Various Shooting Positions

Use of Cover

Shooting on the Move and Turn Drills

Introduction to Night Shooting