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The Tactical Firearms Training Institute is dedicated to the continual improved performance of those who wish to increase their defensive firearm skills. Our goal is to prepare you to win a lethal force attack in the event that you are involved in one.

We have a highly skilled instructor core that is completely devoted to delivering effective, long-lasting, and useful tactical firearms training. We are qualified to professionally instruct students in the use of handguns, shotguns, tactical rifles and precision rifles. We have numerous classes to meet the demands of the beginner, intermediate and advanced student.


Tacfire was developed to provide the most effective  training available. We are devoted to the continual  development of our student’s skills and we strive  to provide the most effective and realistic training  possible.

Tacfire is the necessary bridge for the average citizen to transform their firearm into a useful and effective tool for personal defense.

Nothing can prevent you  from an encounter with someone who wants to do grievous  bodily harm to you; but being trained in techniques to properly deal with a situation can mean the difference  between just surviving and winning!

Tactical Training Associates

Morgan Hill, CA


 A firearms training company based in the San Jose, Ca. area.  We are a group of full time law enforcement professionals who provide training to law enforcement and civilians alike. Our firearms training classes are for beginners to experienced operators. We run the academy firearms program for a large Bay Area police department, teach in service police officers from all over the region, and teach at a consortium of college's who run police academies in the area.  We have experience from all aspects of police work; Patrol, Training, Academy, Investigations, Special Operations, Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Performance Driving, and First Aid/CPR


We are all current LE trainers and are up to speed with the most current firearms training tactics available.  We have gone to, and continue to go to various schools all the time.  We take what works, and we leave the rest.  What that means for you is that we have done your homework for you.  We teach tactics and techniques that we use on the street everyday- because they work.  We will give you options.  We provide these techniques, and you use what works best for you.


We offer courses from total beginner to instructor level in Pistol, Shotgun, and Carbine.  We can also run private classes for 1-20 people; great team building events.  Whatever your skill level- we have a class for you.

Gunshots Firearms Training


Rancho Cucamonga, CA



Gunshots Firearms Training believes everyone has the right to live in a safe community, free from fear, and extend that sense of security through professional training to the friends and family we value and cherish. We empower our students who share this belief by providing the highest quality instruction available in a relaxed, enjoyable and comfortable manner. This training method allows us to create long-term relationships with our students that are built on a strong foundation of mutual trust and respect, while instilling a high level of confidence in their skills and abilities.


Just a couple of our course offerings:


Handgun Level 2


This intensive one-day class bridges the gap between entry level handgun skills and the world of defensive shooting. By introducing tactical communication steps, situational awareness methods, mindset, and threat identification, combined with realistic common sense based shooting drills, this course introduces shooters to the art of defensive handgun shooting.


Handgun Level 3


This is a fast-paced course with one common objective: surviving a deadly force encounter armed with a handgun. After a brief assessment, instructors will run the students though the gauntlet of defensive handgun drills designed to increase time on target and performance. This is not an entry level course; students are expected to have already mastered basic handgun skills, safety, and intermediate shooting drills.

Solutions Group International




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SGI offers a variety of tactical training courses open to the general public.  The same instructors who teach our law enforcement and military tactical training courses teach our civilian courses.  These courses are designed to introduce shooters to the fundamental skills of combat marksmanship and improve their survivability in a violent encounter.  Our civilian courses range from our popular Defensive Pistol Craft series to Tactical Home Defense for the family.  SGI also offers a series of specialized Wilderness training courses developed specifically for hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts such as our Long Range Precision Marksmanship course and our Hunter/Tracker big game series.