High Caliber Training




High Caliber Training provides top-tier premium training for law abiding citizens and Law Enforcement alike. The HCT staff is dedicated to make your experience a great one. From the time you enroll up to your graduation ceremony our staff ensures you have everything you need each step of the way.


HCT's staff provides our nation’s finest with effective, modern training solutions, every day. Our instructors are thoroughly vetted and bring a diversity of experience to all of our course offerings. Their knowledge and drive for excellence is unmatched in any forum and is guaranteed to bring out the best in you.


HCT's 777-acre multi-million dollar private tactical training compound is a popular resource and destination location. High Caliber Training is a dedicate, professional company with the latest resources and world-class staff of veterans and professionals.


High Caliber Training is able to offer you what your local ranges can't provide. They don’t have the resources, budget, and level of expert training and coaching you need to break the ceiling and get to the next level. And that's what you find at our HCT private 777-acre training facility... just 20 miles from Memphis, TN.