Shootrite Firearms Academy


Langston, AL





Our mission at Shootrite Firearms Academy is to provide instruction in the use of firearms for personal combat. For the armed citizen Shootrite develops the mental and physical skills to defend self and family, whether it's through avoidance and escape or the actual act of fighting. Armed professionals are pushed to cultivate the techniques and tactics needed to dominate the violent encounters that are part of their job. Shootrite's priorities are safety, developing effective fighting skills, and creating the mindset and confidence required for victory in violent situations.



Group courses are scheduled throughout the year at our range facility and at various off-site locations. SHOOTRITE also offers private tutorials for individuals or small groups. See Schedule page for dates and pricing. The schedule is constantly being updated as courses are added so recheck it occasionally for revisions.


Our location in Langston, AL is near Guntersville Lake, which is a beautiful area and the perfect place to bring the family for a vacation while you train. (See our Links page for more info on the Guntersville area.)

Lighthorse Tactical LLC


Calera, AL


Lighthorse Tactical LLC is a training company focused on the legal application of tactics, techniques and procedures. The proper application of these “TTP’s” is based on the user’s own daily world. What works for a SWAT Team on a hostage situation may not be applicable for a Citizen in a parking deck. Our training is based on relevance and realism.


Citizen Training

Our Citizen training blocks are designed with the citizen in mind. We instruct these courses based on the needs and skill sets of the average American gun owner. Tactics taught in these blocks cover what the informed and prepared Citizen needs to protect himself and his family from today’s criminal threats.


Lighthorse Tactical is able to present training in the following subject areas-


Tactical Firearms- Handgun, Shotgun, Carbine

Vehicle Takedown Tactics

High Risk Warrant Service

Tactical Operations Planning

Patrol Rifle Course

Basic, Intermediate & Tactical Handgun

Basic, Intermediate & Tactical Shotgun

Basic, Intermediate & Tactical Carbine

Basic, Intermediate & Tactical Submachine Gun

Plain Clothes/Off Duty/CCW Handgun

Legal Updates for LE and Citizens

Street Level First Aid for Law Enforcement

Street Level First Aid for Citizens

Defend & Evacuate Victim Recovery

Low Light Firearms