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Your information gateway and guide to planning the adventures of your life. Including tactical school locations, course offerings, school ratings and coming soon activities within a 2 hour radius of your destination. We are the only resource you need for exploring the endless possibilities of tactical adventures in various regions around our amazing country. Let us assist you in creating the ultimate vacation - which will not only leave you with a lifetime of memories but with skills you can use for life.

Instructor Interview


Tactical Vacations interview with Alisa Clifford of Reliance Arms. Alisa along with her husband Dave are the owners and lead instructors of Reliance Arms, both are NRA and Glock certified firearms instructors and share 15 years in law enforcement.


1) What do you feel is the number one item that those seeking firearms training should look for in an instructor/school?


Dave and I train with a variety of instructors and we encourage our students to do the same. Items to look for: Read The Full Interview Here...



M.C.T.A. Inc. is dedicated to training you to your full potential in firearms and tactical training.  We bring you and the actual operator together so that you learn from the men who do this for a living.


M.C.T.A. Inc. is taking a different approach to the training experience by incorporating a shooting gym environment, where you will be training every time you come to our facilities. Learn More...

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Reliance Arms is a professional gun training company located near Boise, Idaho. Providing a wide range of gun training services. If you don’t find a class date that fits your schedule, call for additional dates and/or private lessons. Training can be scheduled weekdays and weekends.


Our instructors are Glock Certified and NRA Certified. They also have law enforcement backgrounds. Our instructors continue to regularly train with current military and police. We translate the tactical information into useable gun training models customized to the civilian handgun owner.

Shooting Sports and Clubs


There are numerous opportunities for you to develop your skills, build your knowledge and make lifetime friends in the firearms community. Consider one of the many organizations that offer you a way to test your shooting abilities in a safe and encouraging environment. Tactical training is a very important element in your growth as a shooter however it is always fun to put your skills to the test by competing against others or even yourself. Read more about Shooting Sports Clubs.

Choosing A Firearm Course


Article & Photos by Brett Cifaldi


It is in my humble opinion that any responsible firearm owner should take some form of firearm class throughout their time as a gun owner. Not only should you take classes to improve your skill set and safe handling, you owe it to yourself because of how fun they can be. Firearm classes are for everyone, not just the professional. Classes are tailored for new shooters, professional shooters, ladies and competitive shooters. With all these options, how does one go about picking what’s best for them? Read The Full Article Here...


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